Commercial Debt Collection Agency

The CMI Group operates a commercial debt collection agency with more than three decades of experience. Unpaid invoices drain the financial health of business. If you have been unable to secure payment on an invoice after multiple demands, you can count on The CMI Group to recover the lost revenue while protecting your reputation.

Recovery of commercial debts and other large claims requires special strategies and tactics. We offer the full spectrum of commercial debt collection capabilities in an attorney monitored environment, including:

• Payment Demand and Negotiation

• Asset Investigations

• Collections Litigation

• Business Credit Reporting

• Settlement Negotiation

Payment Negotiation

CMI’s commercial collections team is specialized in negotiating payment of past due business invoices. We approach contacts with a variety of roles at each target account including: accounts payable, accounting managers, CFOs, CEOs, and business owners. Each level of a company requires a different approach and our payment demand talk track is adapted to each person we connect with. An understanding of the mindset of people at different levels of an organizations and what motivates them enables our collectors to navigate the corporate structure and produce results.

Asset Investigation

Corporate asset investigations are a critical step in the commercial debt collections process. Not only do asset investigations reveal financial information indicating a debtor’s ability to pay, but asset investigations can also uncover means of payment a debtor attempts to hide.

Collections Litigation

The CMI Group strongly prefers to resolve accounts without going to court, and we will only recommend litigation if we believe there is a high chance of not only winning a judgement but also being able to collect on that judgement. Some debtors are only motivated to resolve their balance once the threat of litigation is present. Once an account has been approved for litigation a letter of representation is sent by experienced collections attorneys local to debtor in CMI’s attorney network. If the account remains unresolved the attorney can be instructed to file with the court seeking to obtain a judgement. In a third of cases the debtor will resolve their account simply due to securing judgement, but in most cases there are still additional accounts to collect upon the judgement. Depending on the jurisdiction CMI may use a combination of bank levies or asset liens to recover the balance.

Business Credit Reporting

Just as there are consumer credit reports that impact an individual’s credit score, businesses are issued credit scores based on business credit reporting. CMI can report delinquent invoices to a business credit bureau to establish additional leverage for resolving the account.

Settlement Negotiation

Our collectors are instructed to always demand the balance in full, but if the full invoice is not a realistic option CMI can present deferred payment arrangements or compromise settlements with your approval. Our commercial team is made up of the most experienced collectors at CMI who know the difference between negotiation tactics and real financial issues preventing payment.

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Placing your accounts with The CMI Group for collections is easy, and there is no upfront cost. If we don't collect, you pay nothing allowing for risk-free budgeting. If you are interested in learning more about commercial debt collections, drop us a note:


The CMI Group is a 100% employee-owned company that is always in search of quality individuals who want to be part of our team. We have excellent opportunities in areas including financial, sales, administrative, phone operators & technical positions.

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