Accounts Receivable Solutions

Although payment processing represents a complicated challenge for every business, it can be an especially complex problem in the healthcare accounts receivable management industry.

As self pay portfolios continue to expand, providers are searching for customizable, compliant solutions to improve their bottom line.

Utilizing innovative technology and highly experienced, trained collection agents, The CMI Group segments work-flows to leverage a full return on investment.

Our collection process has demonstrated significant increases in overall collections, self pay collections, and reduced accounts receivable. The CMI Group approach recovers more of your lost revenue and reduces your facility’s cost to collect.

Our program includes:

  • Commitment to compassion, dignity and respect
  • Active outreach to collect on bad debt, using customer-focused processes
  • Omni-channel communication (Talk, Email, Text, Chat)
  • Ability to set up and manage a wide range of payment plan options
  • Operational excellence through 100% call monitoring
  • Voice analytics solutions
  • Customized performance analytics and trending

We deliver outstanding revenue cycle and accounts receivable management through positive relationships with our client’s and their consumers.

The CMI Group is dedicated to building the trust and bonds that deliver positive results. Our client’s success occurs when we work together with our clients on a common objective.


The CMI Group is a 100% employee-owned company that is always in search of quality individuals who want to be part of our team. We have excellent opportunities in areas including financial, sales, administrative, phone operators & technical positions.

The CMI Group
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