Easier Said, Than Done: Implementing an Omnichannel Strategy

Generations of tech-savvy consumers are becoming increasingly particular about how they interact with businesses; they now expect on-demand, tailored, personalized customer service. As your consumers pursue this seamless experience across mediums and expect everything to be readily available at their fingertips, going omnichannel is the only way to maintain customer loyalty and increase satisfaction.

Omnichannel communication is a customer service approach that provides consumers with an integrated experience across multiple channels such as SMS Mobile Messaging, Web Messaging, Chat and Social Media. Many companies have attempted to implement an omnichannel customer experience strategy, but some have found they lack the resources and understanding to take advantage of this powerful business strategy. This is where The CMI Group can help.

In this multipart series, we will cover the three most common hurdles organizations face when implementing an Omni-Channel strategy, including the importance of a smart investment, process implementation and buy-in, listening to and training your employees.

3 Reasons Your Omni-Channel Strategy is Turning Customers Away


You have implemented an omnichannel approach, but all of your communication channels are disconnected and are working in separate silos. Multiple communication silos keep customers from having a seamless experience and can cause frustration with the inconsistency and choppiness of the communication. Integrating multiple channels can be costly which can hinder companies from providing a smooth and consumer-centric Omnichannel experience. The CMI Group is the right outsource partner to assist with connecting all of your consumer communications into one seamless experience that will allow your consumers to start their journey through any channel such as talk, text, or chat and complete it on another.


A consistent operational foundation starts with clear leadership that sets the tone for the rest of the company. For many companies, each department has different methods and goals. In creating a successful omnichannel strategy, a company needs to adopt and implement processes and goal incentives that encourage success and collaboration between departments. In an omnichannel environment, enhancing the customer experience across the organization is of utmost importance. CMI can provide guidance to process-level changes across different consumer-facing departments and functions to meet and exceed goals. Organizations must provide consistent follow up with these departmental changes and give transparent, up-to-date metrics to show improvements.

People and Training

However, if your internal staff is still having a tough time coping with the process changes and your customer’s satisfaction is decreasing, it may indicate that your omnichannel strategy is disjointed or disorganized. To fix this, ask your customer service representatives for suggestions on how to streamline functions so they can perform their tasks more efficiently while communicating with the consumer. A powerful omnichannel solution platform provided by CMI can do the trick, as it allows customer service representatives to perform several different functions at once. Through this program, they can monitor conversations that take place across various devices and keep track of customers’ full transaction and communication history.

Are you interested in eliminating the oversight and burden of managing the omnichannel experience? Consider CMI's omnichannel solutions. We utilize U.S.-based, state-of-the-art contact centers and staff to manage consumer communication across all channels for your organization. This approach allows CMI to provide a seamless and personalized experience to your customers giving you peace of mind while you focus on the core strategies of your business.


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