Tom Stockton Receives ACA International Member of the Year Award

Carrollton, TX: The CMI Group (CMI) is thrilled to announce that Tom Stockton, IFCCE, CEO, received the ACA International’s Member of the Year award during the 2018 Convention & Expo in Nashville.

Tom is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the association, board of directors, and the industry. Tom’s vision six years ago established the Industry Advancement Fund to provide resources for the association to be prepared to advocate wherever necessary. This past year ACA was in a position to fight and defeat the FCC's 2015 Declaratory Ruling. The historic ruling in ACA v FCC would not have been possible without Tom’s contributions and determination.

“I am extremely honored to be receiving the ACA’s Member of the Year award,” said Stockton. “I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my contributions to the industry and the association.”

Tom is one of the founders of The CMI Group and serves as Chief Executive Officer. Tom has served as ACA’s Council of Delegates from 2013-17, has earned ACA’s Fellow and Scholar designation as well as the Harry Stausser Jr. ACPAC Ambassador award. He also served as President of ACA Texas (2008–09) receiving the Al Knox, Ken Harris and Chris Croly awards for outstanding service in Texas.

“What Tom has contributed to the industry is unprecedented,” said Carrie Finney, President and CFO, The CMI Group, “His leadership is not only building our company’s future with creativity and vision but also the industry.”

Tom and other ACA members who have made significant contributions to the association and the collection industry as a whole were recognized during the 2018 Convention and Expo in Nashville.

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