Outsourced Phone Answering Service

If you and your team are short on time or overwhelmed by phone calls, it’s time to consider an outsourced phone answering service. We know you want to make a great first impression and provide excellent service to your customers, but it’s impossible when you have too much on your plate. Don't rely on your automated voicemail or let callers hang up, provide them the personal touch of a live person.

An outsourced phone answering service can relieve your administrative burden as well as provide other valuable benefits such as:

1. Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    Case studies show that despite innovation in automated call handling technologies, 88% of people prefer to talk with a live person when calling a business. Delivering excellent customer experience is central to your brand image and business success. With an outsourced phone answering service, your business will be available to your customers whenever needed. Timely and dependable customer service retains clients and wins their loyalty. Loyal customers often become promoters of your business by posting positive reviews and sending referrals.

    2. New Business Capture

      As mentioned above, an outsourced phone answering service can also drive new business growth. Making a great first impression can be the key to winning your next big client. With an outsourcing partner always on the ready, you’ll never miss a call from a prospective customer.

      3. Reduced Operational Expense

        Many growing companies task their employees with multiple responsibilities, including answering the phone. This type of multi-tasking can put a significant damper on productivity and cause your team to lose focus on their primary task. Hiring an employee that will be dedicated to just answering phone calls can be expensive and your call volume might not completely justify a full-time person. Partnering with an outsourced phone answering service alleviates the burden so you can focus on what you do best.

        Our Solution

        If you are looking for an outsourced phone answering service, there is no better partner than The CMI Group. We are committed to delivering customer service excellence, helping you grow your business, and reducing your operational costs. No matter your call volume our agents are at the ready to deliver timely, professional, and friendly service that will wow your customers.

        We can customize your answering service program to your needs with scripting unique to your business. We’ll take your callers’ messages and deliver the information to you however and whenever you would like. Besides message taking, our agents can be trained to handle a variety of call types for your project including:

        • Call transfer / call forwarding
        • Appointment scheduling, re-scheduling, and cancellations
        • Answering FAQs
        • Concern or issue resolution
        • Lead capture and qualification
        • Order taking and PCI-compliant payment processing
        • Dispatch
        • Emergency triage

        Our phone answering service can benefit any business, but there are some particular industries that commonly outsource. The CMI Group can support a wide variety of industry specific needs, including:

        • Medical answering service – for doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals
        • Virtual receptionist for lawyers
        • Contractor answering service for HVAC, plumbing, electrician, and roofing companies
        • Real estate answering service for property managers, landlords, relators, investors, and other real estate professionals
        • Taxi, limousine, and car rental answering services
        • Financial answering service for banks and tax services
        • Insurance answering service
        • Hospitality answering service for resorts and hotels
        • Answering service for entrepreneurs and small businesses

        Relationships Matter

        The CMI Group understands that each interaction with one of your callers is our opportunity to build brand equity. Our motto, “Relationships Matter,” is embodied in CMI’s dedication to excellent service to our clients and their customers. With a warm greeting and professional service, our live agents foster real human connections and cultivate strong relationships between your customers and your business.

        The Competitive Edge: Our People

        CMI’s competitive edge is in the quality and experience of our people. We hire seasoned professionals with contact center and customer service experience. As a 100% employee-owned company, each CMI employee from our CEO to our service representatives share in CMI’s success. This shared investment in success creates great pride in our services. We are all dedicated owners that value personal accountability, teamwork, and integrity who are driven to exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers.

        Our answering services team undergoes a comprehensive training curriculum that includes information about your services, mission, and goals as well as:

        • Customer service skills
        • System(s) and usage
        • Calling guide materials including FAQs, website links, and call scripts
        • Client-specific policies and procedures
        • Quality expectations

        CMI’s quality assurance team periodically samples and scores calls to identify coaching opportunities for individual agents. Agents and coaches review calls together to ensure the same level of customer experience excellence is delivered throughout the life of the project. Always striving to raise the bar, we engage in roleplaying to continually improve our quality of work.

        Affordable Answering Service Pricing

        We recognize that not every company needs a large customer service team. Therefore, we do not require a minimum headcount for you operation. Instead, we offer affordable answering service pricing plans starting at 200 minutes of usage per month.

        Get Started Quick and Easy

        It’s easy to get started with CMI’s outsourced phone answering service. We will work with you to develop scripting and procedures that meet your unique business needs. You can be up and running faster than you would expect.

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        The CMI Group is a 100% employee-owned company that is always in search of quality individuals who want to be part of our team. We have excellent opportunities in areas including financial, sales, administrative, phone operators & technical positions.

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