Outsourcing Open Enrollment for Health Plans

November and December can be a hectic time for health insurance providers but outsourcing open enrollment can help health plans maximize the opportunity for new members. We recognize the importance of growing your new membership and understand that every interaction is an opportunity to build your health plan’s brand equity. As your chosen multichannel contact center, The CMI Group delivers the service excellence to convert your open enrollment callers into health plan members. Our dedicated service representatives guide the public through health plan options, assist in applications, and give explanation of benefits.

Service Excellence

The importance of service delivery in the contact center continues to be given greater weight in Medicare’s Star Rating calculation. Health plan members today expect the same level of customer service as they receive from top companies such as Amazon. The CMI Group is a service provider that knows how to increase your health plan’s Star Rating.

Open enrollment support demands empathy, patience, and compassion of the contact center representative. The CMI Group differentiates itself in the exceptional quality and experience of our agents. Beginning with the recruitment of seasoned professionals with contact center and customer service experience, our health plan teams have a strong foundation that prepares them for success.

CMI is a 100% employee-owned company which means our employees take an owner’s view as they do their jobs every day. Throughout all levels of our organization, every owner adds value, whether it is managers increasing the operational efficiency of a campaign or agents shaping memorable positive experiences with new health plan members. As employee-owners, everyone at The CMI Group literally has a vested interest in bringing positive outcomes to every open enrollment interaction.


The CMI Group has the expertise and flexibility to meet the steep challenge that open enrollment entails. With a deep dive into your historical interaction volumes, arrival patterns, and handle times our workforce management team builds finely tuned forecast models to meet peak call demand with great efficiency.


The high volume of calls within the open enrollment period can put your technology stack to the test. Robust VoIP telephony, virtual wait queue, and SMS deflection are technological solutions that are necessary during the most demanding times: supporting a high volume of simultaneous calls, offering convenient wait options, and providing additional communication methods. CMI leverages technology to automate routine service requests. Additionally, we equip service agents with an intuitive knowledgebase to prevent escalations and resolve questions during the first encounter.

Certified Compliance

The CMI Group received a comprehensive data security audit via TECH LOCK, Inc. Our certifications verify our compliance with all required data security laws, regulations, and standards to include HIPAA-compliance, ISO 27002, and Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00. Additionally, TECH LOCK, Inc. has certified The CMI Group for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard v3.2 (PCI-DSS) through their independent audit process. Additional certifications include SSAE18 SOC I and SOC 2 Type II.

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Don't get overwhelmed by open enrollment planning. Contact us today to learn more about how our call center outsourcing solution can support your open enrollment needs. We understand that every health plan is different, and we will work with you to create a solution that fits your specific needs. Trust us to handle the calls, so you can focus on growing your business.


The CMI Group is a 100% employee-owned company that is always in search of quality individuals who want to be part of our team. We have excellent opportunities in areas including financial, sales, administrative, phone operators & technical positions.

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