Pre-Service Solutions

With patients responsible for a larger share of their healthcare bills, capturing more payments upfront is essential to maintaining a healthy revenue cycle and bottom line.

The average American household has less in their bank account than their deductible liabilities. Consumers need responsive front-end solutions that meet them in the 21st century marketplace.

A consumer-centric, operationally efficient pre-service solution.

Our front-end game changing solution can be customized to meet the unique needs of our clients and is designed to be a proactive, efficient and effective pre-service solution to help capture revenue before patients consume healthcare services within your facility.

Our program includes:

  • Care Champions
  • Wraparound consulting and training
  • Pre-event outreach
  • Ongoing support
  • Omni-Channel Communications (Talk, Email, Text, Chat)
  • Post-event follow up

Our polite and professional contact solutions improve the care experience, reduce administrative burden, improve clean claim adjudication, and streamline access, utilization and throughput.

We build productive relationships that deliver optimum results for our clients.

We believe there is power in relationships and success occurs when individuals collaborate on a common objective. The CMI Group is dedicated to building the trust and bonds that deliver positive results for you and your consumers.


The CMI Group is a 100% employee-owned company that is always in search of quality individuals who want to be part of our team. We have excellent opportunities in areas including financial, sales, administrative, phone operators & technical positions.

The CMI Group
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