Utilities Collection Agency

The CMI Group operates a utilities collection agency with over three decades of experience with electric, natural gas, and water providers in both regulated and deregulated environments. We deploy leading edge technology platforms and harness data analytics all geared to maximize recovery and financial performance for our clients. Our front-line specialists and management resources are well trained and highly skilled to deliver compliant solutions. Licensed and bonded nationally, we are prepared to collaborate on customized programs that move the needle on financial performance while protecting hard earned brand equity.

Our suite of services spans the life-cycle of the utility customer. Our utilities customer retention services include pre- and post-disconnect courtesy outreach programs. Additionally, we offer traditional collections initiatives including primary, secondary, and later stage treatment. On each portfolio, a customized strategy is formulated based on account characteristics to maximize net back to the utility. Beyond consumer accounts, The CMI Group is equipped to service commercial receivables and utility damage claims. Specialists on our large balance team undergo additional training for navigating business to business debts and insurance claim processes.

Industry Leading Technology and Analytics

We leverage comprehensive data analysis, account scoring and segmentation to create treatment strategies with supercharged performance. Our customized letter series and strategic dialing campaigns increase netback back for our utility partners. CMI continually monitors, measures, tests, and refines portfolio strategy to maximize results.

The CMI Group deploys a dialing platform that is 100% TCPA-compliant. Our platform features a mix of human initiation and dialing technology that accelerates contact attempts, even to wireless numbers, while meeting strict interpretations of the TCPA. This cloud-based system also allows consent to be managed at the phone-number level within each account.

The CMI Group maintains a central database to connect our skip tracing tools. Leveraging a comprehensive skip-trace waterfall process including multiple national data base vendor partners increases our ability to locate new addresses and phone numbers. Our location processes run concurrently through the entire placement period until the account is resolved or recalled. Additionally, our dialing platform provides for supplemental verification and routing. Manual skip tracing resources augment automated processes when needed.

The Competitive Edge: Our People

The quality and experience of our collectors builds the foundation for our exceptional performance. CMI is 100% employee owned and our collection specialists share in CMI’s success as they tenure with the company and gain experience. This shared investment in CMI’s success creates greater pride in our services and encourages our collectors to strive for the best outcome on each call.

Our utilities collections team undergoes specialized training centered around one-call resolution and each agent is coached to solve problems and resolve issues. Additionally, our collectors undergo in-depth training on relevant laws, regulations and policies including:

  • TCPA
  • FCRA
  • Bankruptcy Code
  • ACA International’s Code of Ethics
  • State Collection Laws
  • Consumer Financial Protection

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The CMI Group is a 100% employee-owned company that is always in search of quality individuals who want to be part of our team. We have excellent opportunities in areas including financial, sales, administrative, phone operators & technical positions.

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