Patient Pre-collections

The CMI Group’s patient pre-collections program is designed to prevent payment delinquency and keep your patients out of collections. We leverage state-of-the art technology and sophisticated workflows to provide the convenience of intuitive self-service while preserving the human touch of personalized assisted service. Our patient pre-collections program can start as early as day one of patient responsibility and usually lasts until day sixty when the account is transferred to a 3rd party healthcare collections agency.

Outbound Payment Reminders

The CMI Group makes outbound payment reminder calls as if our recovery specialists were your virtual employees. Because we call in the name of your hospital or clinic’s billing department, the patient has a seamless experience after their visit. Our highly experienced recovery specialists deliver superior customer service that inspires patients to remain under the care of their trusted physician.

Before presenting best fit options for account resolution we take the time to listen and understand a patient’s financial circumstance. We help your patients navigate their health savings, flexible spending, or health reimbursement accounts; provide guidance on patient financial assistance; and set up payment plans. With access to your billing system our recovery specialists guide patients through their coverages and charges.

Advanced Technology

Our highspeed dialing equipment enables our recovery specialists to spend nearly all their time talking to patients instead of keying phone numbers. We take a strategic approach to dialing campaigns and optimize our call timings and intervals to reduce unnecessary contact attempts. With your approval, outreach during early evenings and weekends may increase the chance of account resolution.

Payment Plans

A critical element of any recovery strategy is payment plan management. We have the experience and expertise to leverage the payment plan tools of your existing billing system to their fullest potential. If your existing billing system does not have adequate payment plan functionality, The CMI Group can utilize our internal recovery platform to provide robust payment plan functionality. The system records and monitors promises to pay and can schedule reminders or follow up calls.

Inbound Billing Office

Our outreach efforts typically prompt higher inbound callback volumes. The CMI Group’s billing office can handle your inbound billing calls and process patient payments. Pairing our outbound and inbound billing services together frees up your staff for other administrative functions.

The Competitive Edge: Our People

We are sensitive to the public profile of your healthcare organization and we understand that every patient interaction can come under scrutiny. We offer a softer approach to patient balance resolution. We take the time to understand your patient and present them with every repayment option available. These personal touches have made us very successful at recovering medical balances and encouraging patients to remain under the care of their trusted physician.

The quality and experience of our recovery specialists builds the foundation for our exceptional performance. Our pre-collections specialists participate in CMI’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), allowing them to share in success as they tenure with the company and gain experience. This shared investment in success creates great pride in our services and encourages our representatives to strive for the best outcome on each call.

Our patient pre-collections team undergoes specialized training to understand and resolve complex medical invoices. Additionally, our representatives undergo in-depth training on relevant laws, regulations and policies including:

  • 501R Compliance
  • Consumer Financial Protection

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