What is SMS Customer Service?

SMS customer service refers to two-way text messaging between customers and live customer service representatives. Innovative businesses have already begun advertising phone numbers for SMS texting support as customer service channel on their websites, print advertisements, and packaging. The customer service sector is undergoing a significant transformation due to this growing trend. Companies are now expected to provide assistance through this emerging medium. If your enterprise has not yet integrated SMS messaging for customer support, it is past time to determine how to incorporate SMS into your business.

Text messages are also becoming a highly effective outreach medium because of their low cost and high open rate (95+%). SMS marketing serves as an effective means to connect with prospects and customers; however, it is common for people to respond with either inquiries or grievances. Addressing these messages and resolving their concerns without relying on automation is makes a world of difference in the service experience.

Why is SMS so Popular?

The effectiveness of text messaging as a support channel can be attributed to a simple truth: it is the preferred mode of communication for an expanding majority of people. Customers seek assistance through channels where they are most active, such as their mobile devices. From the customer's perspective, the SMS support channel offers several distinct advantages:

Immediacy- Adding SMS text messaging as a customer service channel enables swift and efficient communication. In today's fast-paced world, customers prefer concise and impactful interactions over navigating automated systems or enduring long phone calls.

Convenience- Customers seek the same asynchronous communication they enjoy in their personal lives. With SMS customer service, you afford customers the convenience to engage with your business on their own time, while also providing them with a record of the conversation. The graphic below illustrates the time saving benefits of SMS support:

Privacy- SMS customer service maintains the privacy of customers by providing a discreet communication channel. Unlike phone calls, text messaging allows customers to discuss their issues without drawing attention to themselves or revealing sensitive information within earshot of others.

Will Texting Benefit My Business?

More Sales

Capture more leads- Advertise your SMS number on your website to capture more online leads or feature it on billboards, business cards, or print ads to capture more offline leads. Prospects appreciate the convenience of texting your business to ask questions or to make appointments. Prompt responses to incoming texts will keep leads engaged!

Boost lead conversion- Not only will SMS support capture more leads, but by engaging prospects through their preferred communication channel you will convert a higher percentage. Catering to your audience's preferences demonstrates understanding and care, which can make all the difference in winning new clients.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

SMS customer service promotes a more efficient and satisfying support experience, leaving customers with a positive impression of the business, and increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. Since customers relate text messages with communication among friends and family, integrating SMS into your customer support repertoire adds a personal touch. If you are considering adding this support channel you should learn why you need live agents for SMS texting customer service.

Should I Outsource?

Choosing between in-house and outsourced contact centers for customer service is a crucial decision that hinges on expertise, cost, and resources. As text messaging support is a new and disruptive channel, adopting it in-house could prove very challenging especially if you lack the specific expertise. Consider the substantial costs associated with self-funding expensive software, purchasing computers, posting job ads, conducting interviews, onboarding, training agents, overseeing multiple shifts, including nights and weekends, offering employee benefits, maintaining desktop support, and addressing unforeseen additional expenses.

Choosing an outsourcing partner equipped with the right tools and experience is a better option for most companies. Outsourcing can benefit businesses of all sizes, from small family-owned enterprises to large corporations because of the numerous competitive advantages:

  1. Lower Cost: As illustrated by the list of expenses mentioned above, outsourcing is more cost-effective than self-performing text messaging customer service.
  2. Cutting-edge technology: Top-tier agencies leverage technology that integrates all communication channels into a unified system.
  3. Multilingual support: With a remote workforce residing in diverse locations contact center companies are better suited to serve foreign language customers.
  4. Flexibility: Outsourced services can quickly ramp to meet increasing demand and adjust to fluctuating volume.
  5. Round-the-clock service: With 24/7 availability, customers can reach live agents anytime regardless of their time zone or schedule.
  6. Reliability: An outsourced partner has the recruiting and training methods that equip agents to deliver service excellence.

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