Are You Ready to Take the Leap? Investing in Omnichannel Communication

With over 5.1 billion unique mobile users across the globe and 89% of those users keeping their device within arm’s reach, it is imperative that organizations in healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, financial and toll authorities take the leap to omnichannel communication. As with any new technology solution, the cost of the tools is often a barrier to implementing the change. In our previous article we covered the three hurdles organizations often have a hard time overcoming when implementing an Omni-Channel strategy. The overwhelming investment during an omnichannel implementation can be hard to stomach but keep in mind the benefits will pay off in both consumer satisfaction and your average total dollars collected.

To reap the benefits of omnichannel technology, you have to meet consumers in the marketplace, in their homes, and on the device of their choosing. Heading into 2019, these choices are vast and ever-changing, it is not just telephone and email anymore, now there are chat, text, and social media options through many different applications and more coming all the time. The CMI Group can help you navigate the omnichannel journey through technology and staffing for consumer interactions.

These types of solutions are all available today and organizations can buy the technology and work with it internally. Collaborating with The CMI Group on Omnichannel strategies allows organizations to continue focusing on consumer care while CMI manages the logistics. When keeping the technology in-house, it is important to remember that multi-tasking is key. Staff members that are generally in charge of answering phone calls can also help manage the chat or text functions on their computers, taking care of multiple consumers at once and increasing efficiency and utilization. By collaborating with CMI, your consumers will have access to the 24/7/365 support that they have come to expect. The CMI Group offers the flexibility to scale staffing to your needs, when you have an inclement weather outage, or consumer questions about your product or service start pouring in.

When you are researching the technology options that are available—whether through a vendor or to build and manage internally—be sure to investigate the options for robotic solutions and machine learning, as well as the tracking and trending reports and service level agreements that the service can meet. Being able to track how consumers are using your technology will guide your workflows and goals for continuous improvement in the customer experience.

It is better to start out with a technology that can grow with you and support your goals as a company rather than having to transition to another technology or build multiple interfaces in the future.

As you continue down the path towards omnichannel customer support, first do your research. Be prepared to make an investment and know that you will see a return on that investment if you manage this process correctly. Consumers are demanding that we make the leap and provide them with these services, and they will repay us with their continued loyalty when we do.

The CMI Group delivers innovative, one-to-one customer service in a relationship-focused way to increase revenue and improve the customer experience and loyalty for our clients through innovative Omni-Channel solutions.


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